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Outlaw Announces Student Award Winner

Sophie Jarram and Judi

Sophie Jarram (left) Judi Wildeman (Centre) Josephine Vickers (Right)

This week was a busy time at Outlaw HQ with finalising design work, leaflet distribution and last minute venue checks! But most exciting of all was a fun visit to the Spring Makers Market at Penryn Campus, Falmouth University. The fair showcased a selection of up and coming student makers currently studying at the university.

The Outlaw team was invited, by the University, to come along and choose the best student maker at the fair and also present the Outlaw Student Award.

The Outlaw Student Award is our way of showing support to emerging student makers. It will hopefully go a small way to promoting up and coming creative talent and help new makers on their first tentative steps to success.

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the very first Outlaw Student Award is (drum roll please!)… Continue Reading →